Archive for March, 2011

.the better triumph.

28 Mar

.Photographed by Denise Boomkens. Styled by Martine Reurings. Hair and Makeup by Yvonne Nusdorfer.

.yuuki takakura.

24 Mar

.Copic Drawing of Sasha Pivovarova by Yuuki Takakura.

.Copic Drawing of Agyness Deyn by Yuuki Takakura.

.tea time march.

22 Mar

.Abraham Obama by Ron English.

.Suspended Animation by Nanami Cowdroy.

.Graffiti Fetish by Insa.

.kolor kollective.

14 Mar

.east coast feel.

11 Mar

.Forever 21 military boots. Vintage skirt.

.Vintage beanie. Hot Topic Lil' Wayne shirt. H&M thermal. New Yorker scarf.

.Positive Elevation Always Corrects Errors.

.roses are red.

08 Mar

.the art of nick walker.

02 Mar

."Moscow TMA A/P" by Nick Walker.

."TMA-New York" by Nick Walker.

."TMA Sydney" by Nick Walker.

."Vandal Airways A/P" by Nick Walker.