Archive for September, 2010


26 Sep

.true love.

.one eyed ween.

.bill the butcher.

.queen of weens.


21 Sep

.Top Shop love necklace. Delia's sweater dress.

.Tally Weijl dress & vest. Forever 21 flower clip. Top Shop necklace. Only bracelet. Top Shop tights. Groove boots.

.induce me.

19 Sep

."Lip Service" by Dixie Biggs.

."They Came for Tea" by Darrell Copeland.

.Honey locust spoon with gold leaf by Jacques Vesery.

.lustful liselotte.

16 Sep

.Liselotte Watkins illustration.

.Liselotte Watkins illustration.

.Liselotte Watkins illustration.

.yellow submarine.

13 Sep

.a fun little tea infuser from

.insert loose tea into the compartment.

.submerge into your cup and add hot water.

.watch your little tea sub create your perfect brew.

.feather me this.

11 Sep

.3d love.

08 Sep

.Amour black dress. Forever 21 multi-colored leopard tights. Only bow bracelet. Hello Kitty necklace. Groove boots.

.tea hawt spot.

06 Sep

.matcha green tea latte. vanilla chai tea latte.

.play a game of tic-tac-toe.

.loose tea leaves for that ideal brew.

.sweet vibes in the heart of Huntington Beach, Ca.

.hawt artist of the moment.

04 Sep

.i love you cuz you're special by Esra Roise.

.dry and dusty by Esra Roise.

.sunken treasure by Esra Roise.

.delicious dublin.

02 Sep

.Claire's scarf. Forever 21 peacoat with hoodie.

.NewYorker scarf. Forever 21 jacket. NewYorker buffalo plaid flannel. NewYorker jeggings. Groove Western boots.