.jaques bagios.

31 Jul

."Kussecht" by beauty photographer Jaques Bagios.

.marco eychenne.

31 Jul

.Art by Marco Eychenne.

.hello ziggy stardust.

18 Jun

.Photography by Camilla Åkrans.

.Model Edita Vilkeviciute.

.Editorial for Numéro #123.


.mad tea pottery.

31 May



.Stairway to Heaven.

.Müssen wir Angst haben?.

.colour posse.

30 May

.Photography by Gregory Harris.

.Models Merethe Hopland and Monika Sawicka.

.Photography by Mert & Marcus.

.Model Guinevere van Seenus.

.gaga slime art.

30 May

.Lady Gaga slime art by Bart Hess.

."Born this Way" music video.

.joy rich.

25 Apr

.animal instinct.

.Vintage wool hat. Target lace top. Forever 21 striped dress. Vintage bracelet. Forever 21 winter sweater. American Apparel tights. Target socks. Forever 21 ankle wedges.

.Forever 21 necklace. Joy Rich handbags shown in displays.

.colored tresses & featherz.

14 Apr

.the better triumph.

28 Mar

.Photographed by Denise Boomkens. Styled by Martine Reurings. Hair and Makeup by Yvonne Nusdorfer.

.yuuki takakura.

24 Mar

.Copic Drawing of Sasha Pivovarova by Yuuki Takakura.

.Copic Drawing of Agyness Deyn by Yuuki Takakura.